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Jungle Hippie

Jungle Hippie, wearable art designs are both handmade by the owner, Jacky, and/or locally manufactured in Southern California.  The designed and locally manufactured pieces are made with a vegan-silk substitute, hand-tied in a professional dye house and done in small batches.  The one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-few pieces are only found in the traveling boutique for now, but will be online soon.  All of Jungle Hippie's beautiful designs are created with the intention of helping people feel special, beautiful and comfortable in their own skin with a big, fat, beautiful smile.

Jungle Hippie Style Sampler...

A Jungle Hippie is Wild at Heart.

She, or he, is …

A lover of life - Curious and adventurous – Adaptive and Independent – Eclectic - Listening to music as much as possible – Respectful - Respectable - Sometimes brazen - Generally crazy - Always grateful - Always thinking, always learning, always staying true to themselves –  Smiling as much as possible - Following the beat of their own drum - Unstoppable.

Upcoming Pop Ups

Wednesday : Ocean Beach Farmers Market : 4pm-8pm

Thursday     : Oceanside Morning Farmers Market : 9am-1pm

Sunday        : Hillcrest Farmers Market : 9am-2pm