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-Jungle Hippie Covid-19 Update-

Hello to all my Jungle Hippies that I love, appreciate and miss so so so much!  These are tough times affecting everyone.  We all have to adapt and Jungle Hippie is adapting.  Please stay tuned as there will be lots more Jungle Hippie Treasures coming soon.  New styles, one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces and all around good vibes are brewing for you!  

In the meantime, I am still available with merchandise!  Please follow me on Insta,  @TheJungleHipipeBoutique.  DM me on Insta.  The link is located at the bottom of this page.  Contact me directly at .  Also, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE !!!  Those who subscribe (located at the bottom of this page) will get first dibs on the newest Jungle Hippie Styles before they are posted online.  I am working on a treasure trove to aid your souls in this crazy time.

We can only do our bests one day at a time.  Please be safe!  Please be smart!  Please be kind!  This is hard, but we are harder.  We will survive this. Nothing is impossible with the right attitude.  Jungle Hippie sends you all BIG, BIG HUGS, LOTS OF LOVE and ENDLESS STRENGTH !!!  See you all very soon!


A Jungle Hippie is Wild at Heart.

She, or he, is …

A lover of life - Curious and adventurous – Adaptive and Independent – Eclectic - Listening to music as much as possible – Respectful - Respectable - Sometimes brazen - Generally crazy - Always grateful - Always thinking, always learning, always staying true to themselves –  Smiling as much as possible - Following the beat of their own drum - Unstoppable.

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