Jacky M.

Dear Jungle Hippies,

I am so grateful that most of you reading this have met me in person and supported me with your awesome vibes and business.  Jungle Hippie has been in business for 5 years now, interacting with you face to face in the San Diego, CA area over the years.  Most of the time you can find me in Ocean Beach, CA where Jungle Hippie and I - personally - have been able to become who we truly are.  Thank You for being a part of this Journey. 

As we navigate these new, uncertain times, knowing we are All in this Together: Let’s embrace the attitude of resilience and adaptation.

A month ago I decided to do just that - I chose to minimize, place Jungle Hippie in storage and take a few steps back.  In a new environment, I am now able to exhale and begin educating myself and building a new strategy for Jungle Hippie and myself personally to go forward.

Jungle Hippie merch is available ONLINE!  We are adding products and content to the online shop regularly, so check back for updates often!  Let’s embrace this new learning curve with new lessons in business and life together!  Jungle Hippie is my Passion and Purpose and I have an empire of dopeness and positivity to create! 

Stay Tuned to Jungle Hippie as we continue to grow and produce more unique styles and treasures.  My heart and soul go into creating every unique and special piece to put smiles on all your faces long after you walk away with your sexy dresses, band shirts, t-shirts, crop tops, bodysuits, bell bottoms, jumpsuits and whatever else you have found at The Jungle Hippie Boutique.  

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Bringing you Quality, Value, Style and Positivity Always!  





As a thank you for being part of this journey, and reading my first blog post, here is a COUPON CODE for 20% off: DJH4202020 - Copy and past at checkout!


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