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11:11 Necklace / Waist Beads / Bracelet - Pyrite, Black Agate, African Trade Beads, Size Small

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11:11 Necklace / Waist Beads / Bracelet -Pyrite, Black Agate, African Trade Beads

The 11:11 can be worn as a necklace, wrap it around your wrist 4 times for a bracelet or put it on like a shirt to adorn that sexy waist of yours.  Guaranteed to add proper savory flavor to any outfit - guy or gal - however you choose.

A few waist bead styling tips...

*Take a simple tank and jeans to another level.

*Lightly cinch a flowing dress or jumpsuit.

*Wear 1 or 5 (or more or less) over a fitted dress - like that sexy bodycon or simple maxi dress.

Made with natural gemstone beads and African trade beads, you get quality and style  like nowhere else.  


BEADS: Pyrite, Black Agate, African Gooseberry trade beads & one handmade trade bead from Ethiopia

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