Halter Pant Jumpsuit - Purple Haze and more!
Halter Pant Jumpsuit - Purple Haze and more!
Halter Pant Jumpsuit - Purple Haze and more!
Halter Pant Jumpsuit - Purple Haze and more!
Jungle Hippie

Halter Pant Jumpsuit - Purple Haze and more!

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Where are you going? Who cares. This jumpsuit is purrrfect, you sexy beast!!!

Design details include a Marilyn Monroe style halter top that can be worn various ways.  A drop crotch allows torso length flexibility, height variations and shoe options - place the waist a little higher for sandals, sneakers and slippers and a little lower for heels.  The 2” hem can be opened up to lengthen the leg up to an additional 2” with a raw hem and up to a little less than 2” for a finished hem.  Pleating over the back side will excentuate and sweeten your already sweet a$$.  

Play with the halter - knot it, twist it, tie it up.
Hide a bra or don’t hide a bra w a black vest, duster or cardigan. Lace, velvet or crochet???
Never go wrong with your denim or moto-jacket.
Black goes with everything, but a neutral, camel/cognac  coloring will no doubt add to your swag.
Roll it up, throw it into your bag and travel with it. ...EVERYWHERE!!!
Wherever you are, smile and rock it like the sexy Betty that you are!

Jungle Hippie does her best to ensure top quality everything from stable dyes to vegan-silk-substitute fabrics and local, Southern California manufacturing. No need to prewash before wearing or worry over running dyes when you do wash.


While the overall design is the same in every piece of this dress version, due to the nature of tie dye, every piece will slightly vary making each piece unique and special like every one of us.


  • Machine wash delicate
  • Machine dry delicate or lay flat to dry
  • DO NOT hang to dry

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