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T.H. In Black Crown / Necklace / Headband - Black Onyx, Tiger‘s Eye, African Trade Beads

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T.H. In Black Crown / Necklace / Headband By Jungle Hippie

Named after Tin Hanan - The Tuareg people, a 2500+ year old nomadic tribe in the Sahara Desert, call her the “Mother of us all” while their warrior caste consider themselves her direct descendants.  

The T.H. in Black can be worn as a necklace, headband or a crown – like the royal queen you are.  Either way, it is quality and style like nowhere else.  

BEADS: Black Onyx, Tiger‘s Eye, Handmade metal bicones from Ethiopia and a handmade Tuareg, tribal pendant symbolizing a compass to an oasis in the Sahara desert. This necklace is one of a kind due the fact that all of these handmade pendants are different no matter how similar any of them seem and some are even signed on the back by the person who made it.

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