Tapestry - Celtic Knot - Tie Dye, Purple, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Black, 7’ X 9’

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Tapestry - Celtic Knot - Tie Dye, Purple, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Black

A Celtic knot is made of interlooping lines with no start or finish.  It is said to represent the inter connectedness of all that is.
                           ...and all that is not...

100% Cotton rectangular fabric with a dope design for you to do anything you want with.

Hang it on your wall, ceiling, over a window.

Hang it behind your bed.

Put it on your bed.

Cover your couch for aesthetics / easily wash animal hair off your couch.

Cover personal stuff in your car.

Cover stuff you don’t want to look at.

Have a picnic.

Meditate in your person space - on your personal tapestry - anywhere in the world.

Style your van.

Take it to the beach - use it as a towel and soak the sunshine / lay it under your yoga mat to minimize sand slippage.


Meet new people because they want to know where you got such an amazing tapestry!

LMK what else you think of.  Opportunities are limitless when imagination is in play.


SIZE: 88” X 106” (just over 7’ X just under 9’ - like a full size sheet)

CARE: Machine wash cold delicate. Low heat / delicate dry.

MADE IN: India

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