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Tomyris Necklace / Hat Band / Bracelet - Red Jasper, Black Agate, Green Kambaba Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, African Trade Beads

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Tomyris Hat Band / Necklace by Jungle Hippie

Named after Queen Tomyris - known as a queen to not mess with in the sixth century. Her résumé consists of the beheading of Persian king Cyrus the great when he attempted to invade her land.      …She did warn him after all…

The Tomyris can be worn as a necklace, wrap it around your wrist 3 times for a bracelet or put it on your hat!  Guys or ladies - fedora, floppy, Panama, casual straight bill baseball cap. Either way, it is quality and style like nowhere else.  

BEADS: Red Jasper, Black Agate, Green Kambaba Jasper, one Tiger’s Eye, Handmade African Trade Beads - Metal Bicones from Ethiopia and a Kente Glass bead from Ghana

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